Your privacy, security & safety are our utmost priorities

FAQs about your data

What is a selfie verification process?

Selfie verification is a form of ID verification that requires the user to take and submit a selfie during our onboarding process. It then compares that selfie with the profile photo you uploaded in the app.

We will only process the first profile photo you have uploaded in the app.  If you upload six photos or less, we will only use the first photo to validate you are the same person behind the screen.

Our selfie verification process ensures we minimize cat-phishing, fake accounts and our happier humans are the humans they say they are.

We have partnered with Veriff to complete this quick & easy one-to-one verification process.
Read more about your personal data processing in Veriff's Privacy Notice

How can I delete my account and what happens to my personal data?

You can delete your account by following these steps in the app:

  1. Go to Profile

  2. Go to Account Settings

  3. Choose Delete Account

  4. You will be prompted if you want to proceed, select Yes

All your personal data will be deleted from our platform. You cannot restore your account & profile once your data is deleted. 

If you would like a copy of your data before deleting your account,  use the form on the support page to send us your request.

There's an option in the app to 'pause' my account, what does that mean?

You can easily pause your account if you want to take a break. This means you can easily re-activate your account without having to create your profile again or upload photos. Also, all your previous chats, likes, matches and gifts will still be available to restore once you are ready to use viida is life again.

You can pause your account by following these steps in the app:

  1. Go to Profile

  2. Go to Account Settings

  3. Choose Pause Account

  4. Choose the reason why you would like to pause the account

To re-activate your account you can sign-in again using the email/phone number used before and your data will be restored.

We will retain your data for a period that is designated by the privacy laws in your location, unless you opt to delete your account before that period has elapsed.

If I delete a profile photo, is it deleted from all viida is life data storage locations?

You have full control of your data and if you elect to delete a photo is is deleted from all our servers. We  have a back-up server that replicates every 6 hours, so your data would also be deleted from our back-up servers within 6 hours.

Your selfie validation photo is also stored with Veriff in order to complete the one-to-one verification process.
Read more about your personal data processing & storage in Veriff's Privacy Notice.  

Where is my personal data stored?

Your data is securely stored on Amazon AWS AWS / Sydney
(ap-southeast-2) with security controls in place to safeguard  your personal data (email, mobile), dating preferences, chat data and viida app data.

You can choose to delete you account and all your data from Account Settings under Profile on the app. Once you delete you account and  data we can no longer restore it.

How can I contact the data protection officer?

If you have any questions regarding your personal data you can use the form on the support page.

Alternatively you can also send an email to

Your privacy, security & safety are our utmost priorities and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Safety is at the forefront for viida is life. We want to make sure our app is free of fake profiles, cat-phishing and it only attracts users who want to find friendship and love.
viida is life has partnered with Veriff to make sure all users are verified.  Veriff make identity verification quick and easy by helping genuine users get verified the first time, while keeping fraudsters out. 
Ashraf Elashiry and Harin Rhandawa, who founded viida is life along with their business partner Leslie Nath, want to build a fun, fast, fresh way to meet people online, but one that treats safety and trust as a priority.
#VeriffVoices spoke to co-founders Ashraf and Harin about why creating a safe and trusted environment is a key differentiator for their vision of a better way of dating online.
Listen to the podcast and check out the blog on Veriff's website!